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About Us


Services we provide

           * Disability Examinations

           * Independent Medical Evaluations

           * Functional Capacity Examinations

           * Agreed Medical Examinations

           * First Injury Examinations

Pre-employment Examinations

   * Pre-employment Physicals
   * Pre-enlistment/Commissioning Screenings
   * Fit-for-Duty Evaluations

Wellness and Preventative

   * Wellness Examinations
   * Health Risk Assessments
   * Pre-/Post-Deployment Examinations
   * Travel Examinations
   * Routine Physicals
   * Annual Health Examinations

Post-employment Examinations

   * Disability Determination Examinations
   * Post-employment Physicals
   * Baseline Physicals
   * Military Separation Examinations
   * Retirement Examinations

About AMCE

AMCE Physicians Group provides a full range of occupational health, injury and disability physical and mental health evaluations.  Our goal is to provide these examinations in a timely and superior manner.  Our professional staff members, headquartered in Northern Utah, are ready to be of assistance to you, the physician, and other medical and clinical staff members as you serve the clients.  Please note, your role as a physician, and other clinical professionals is for evaluation purposes only.  You are not expected and will not be asked to treat the client or prescribe anything to the client.  It is also not your purpose to recommend any diagnostic testing or treatments.  AMCE will provide you with the educational information of orientation and training in order to complete these evaluations.  As emphasized in our Mission Statement and with our commitment to superior quality assurance, we believe you will be fully empowered and ready to serve the client.

Diagnostic examinations are provided for clients as part of their employment or clients who apply for federal Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income benefits, or Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Non-Grant Medical Assistance.  Each company has specific guidelines.  Also, specific criteria must be met to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance Income (also known as SSDI).  

The surveillance of worker's health is made through various types of health examinations. The main purpose of health examinations is to assess the suitability of a worker to carry out certain jobs, to assess any health impairment which may be related to the exposure to harmful agents inherent in the work process and to identify cases of occupational diseases which may have resulted from exposures at work. The following types of health examinations are carried out either on the basis of regulations or as a part of good occupational health practice:

•    Pre-assignment (pre-employment) health examinations
•    Periodic health examinations
•    Return to work health examinations
•    General health examinations
•    Health examinations at termination or after ending of service

In review, medical professionals who perform evaluations play a crucial role.  We rely on you, the physician, on your unbiased and objective evaluations for the best available medical information.

Providing the best doctors for the best exams

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