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Joining as an independent contractor

Contracted providers work as independent consultants to provide a variety of objective evaluations. Exams are performed at AMCE clinics staffed with qualified assistants and other technicians to make the day run smoothly. 

We provide opportunities for providers to earn income throughout various stages of their careers. Whether a resident or fellow, starting a private practice, in the middle of a career or looking to retire.

Our corporate office handles all the details including the transmission of medical records and information, scheduling of patients, and transcription of all dictated reports. AMCE is committed to making each doctor's experience positive and productive.

AMCE offers all of the following:

- Flexible Scheduling - Competitive Salary-No Prescribing/Treating

-  No Overhead -  Professional Liability Insurance -  No On Call

-  No Follow ups -  Convenient Phone Dictation system

-  Expedient transcription of all dictation -  Office staff support

-  Comprehensive training and orientation

contact or message recruiting today - 800-440-3305

We're continuously recruiting these specialties nationwide: Internal Medicine -- Family Medicine - -Emergency Medicine - Psychology - Psychiatry

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